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Welcome to the project "Ecological education through live white storks' nest webcam observation"

Two webcams in our project are installed near the storks' nest. The nest is located on top of old (built in 1908) Fire Station at Midzyrzecze Grne. The project is managed by the Society of Friends of Midzyrzecze and Fire Station Midzyrzecze Grne. We are located near Bielsko-Biaa, Silesia Region, Southern Poland.

"Polish Society of Nature Friends ?pro Natura? is taking under his wing the project ?Ecological education through live white storks' nest webcam observation?, managed by the Society of Friends of Miedzyrzecze and Fire Station at Midzyrzecze Grne. As an organization which from many years takes care about white stork protection and education we support all initiatives which lead to increase in our society the knowledge about white stork and its protection. White stork nest webcam observation project at Midzyrzecze Grne is a very interesting educational initiative, which encourages the interest in storks' biology and makes people more sensitive in understanding the needs of this bird. We hope that due to this type of initiatives the number of white stork enthusiasts will increase, which will reflect in further activities leading to white stork and their settlements protection. Best regards Krzysztof Konieczny The President of PTPP ?pro Natura?"

On 25th of April, 2009 the Society of Friends of Midzyrzecze together with firemen from Fire Station allowed us live observation of the white stork nest by the Internet. Probably they did not even know how good it is for people not only at Midzyrzecze, but also in the whole coutry and abroad, too.
At the beginning just after project start, there was no stork in the nest. The time was passing by and the nest was empty. There were even some ideas to transfer the webcam into another nest. Many people were very worried about it. It is no problem to find another white stork nest at Midzyrzecze but the problem was to make another construction for web camera and to find power supply. Happily almost in the last moment the stork appeared in the nest and project could be continued. The first stork was named Florek. Two weeks later female stork called Florentynka arrived, too.
Together with the project the Internet Forum was started with several new topics about white stork and webcam observation. Many users registered for this forum posting new photographs and comments. Links to this project appeared in many web services all over the world. You can read about Florek and Florentynka on web pages in Germany, Netherlands, Hungary and other countries. Due to the fact that there were more and more people wanting to observe the nest by Internet, the picture quality had to be decreased to serve all willing to look at the nest. Many new topics appeared on the Forum, not only about stork. New topics related to all kind of birds and other animal species, plants, gardening etc. appeared, too. They include many posts with comments and photos coming from the private collections of the active users.
There is a very nice atmospherae among forum users, people become to know each other more and more. Very often the virtual friendship becomes a real one. Last year several live meetings of the users took place at Miedzyrzecze. Common stork fun barbecue party is a good opportunity to meet, talk and try different kind of food and drinks. There is a good will to continue this friendship, also when white storks go away for winter. Everybody knows that after winter, at early spring white storks appear again and new season starts ...
It is not possible to overestimate the importance of that kind of activity like educational project at Miedzyrzecze. During civilization and industry development man often forget about surrounding nature, wasting many animal species. Due to projects like this at Miedzyrzecze we can open our eyes and again see the world as it is.

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Stowarzyszenie Przyjaci Midzyrzecza

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